Inhouse Advanced IT Training

Inhouse IT Learning

We teach sessions inhouse in Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, London, Glasgow, Port Talbot, Newport and right across the whole of the UK. If several people in your organisation have the same learning need, then an inhouse programme is likely to be the most effective training option.

Our inhouse programmes are easy to arrange and can be tailored to meet more specific learning needs. Training can be run from your own premises or we will help you select a suitable venue offsite. Our existing IT courses can be customised to meet your organisation requirements. With all our courses there are no hidden cost, the price you see is the price you pay.

In-house Training

Learning Delivered at your organisation

We can also provide computers, projectors and screens if your site is not equipped for IT training. Our inhouse IT training programmes are centred around your business requirements, we understand that in today's world that flexibility is an expectation. We can deliver training around your workforce schedule so that time is used effectively.

We set out clear aims and objectives with a focus on results and on demonstrating tangible returns on training spend. Our trainers have the experience to offer advice and ideas on the most effective, best value approach, always beginning with the required end result in mind. Every delegate on our training courses are given a free course pack which includes course notes and activities. Learn any of our full range of over 100+ courses on your own premises.

Why use Infinity IT Learning Wales for Inhouse Learning?

Infinity IT Learning Wales is a trusted choice for in-house learning due to its tailored and comprehensive training programs, designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. With experienced instructors, cutting-edge resources, and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends, Infinity IT Learning Wales ensures that your team receives top-notch education for enhanced skill development and productivity.

Inhouse Learning

Customised Learning Paths

Tailored to Your Organisation's Needs - Infinity IT Learning Wales provides personalised learning paths, ensuring that the training aligns perfectly with your company's specific goals and industry demands. This customization enhances employee skills and efficiency, directly benefiting your business objectives.

Inhouse Learning

Expert Instructors

Learning from Industry Leaders - With seasoned professionals as instructors, Infinity IT Learning Wales offers valuable insights and real-world experiences, providing your team with practical knowledge that goes beyond theoretical concepts. This ensures a higher quality of education and immediate applicability in the workplace.

Inhouse Learning

Cutting-edge Resources:

Access to the Latest Technologies - Infinity IT Learning Wales stays at the forefront of technological advancements, providing your team with access to cutting-edge tools and resources. This commitment to staying current empowers your employees to master the latest technologies, fostering innovation and competitiveness within your organisation.

Microsoft Excel Course Port Talbot

Microsoft Excel

Learn how to effectively analyse and visualise data and streamline workflow processes with our comprehensive Microsoft Excel course.

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Microsoft Word Course Port Talbot

Microsoft Word

Learn how to master Microsoft Word and elevate your productivity and document creation skills through our comprehensive course.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn the latest and most efficient presentation techniques using Microsoft PowerPoint in our comprehensive course.

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Microsoft Project Courses

Microsoft Project

Accelerate your project management skills and increase productivity with our comprehensive Microsoft Project course.

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Tailored IT Training Solutions for Your Organisation

Ensure a seamless IT training experience with our tailored programs designed specifically for your organisation. If your site is not equipped for IT training, we've got you covered by providing computers, projectors, and screens. Our in-house training programs revolve around your unique business requirements, recognising the importance of flexibility in today's world. We prioritise effective time utilisation by delivering training sessions based on your workforce schedule.