IT courses for unemployed steel workers


DReAct+ is specifically designed to assist steel workers who are under formal redundancy notice or have recently experienced redundancy or unemployment within the last 12 months.

Learn the Skills of Tomorrow. Today

ReAct+ provides a pathway for eligible steel workers, offering comprehensive support to navigate career transitions and boost employability. The application process for ReAct+ is straightforward, ensuring that valuable assistance is accessible when you need it most. This program stands as a beacon for those seeking to transition careers and enhance their employability, guaranteeing that help is readily available at the crucial moment.

Career development programs for steel industry

Supporting Our Steel Workers with funding for Retraining

Funded Training Cardiff, facilitated by Infinity IT Learning Wales through ReAct+, offers a vital opportunity for steel workers in Cardiff to enhance their skills and embark on a transformative journey. By providing financial support for IT training, this initiative empowers individuals to acquire essential IT and CAD skills, ensuring they are well-equipped for the evolving demands of the job market. Through this program, steel workers can proactively shape their career paths, embracing new opportunities and contributing to the growth of their local community.

ReAct+ funded training for steel workers

The Computer Skills People

Discover in-depth Microsoft Office and Computer-Aided Design courses in Cardiff, specifically tailored for steel workers. Whether you're seeking fundamental Office skills or advanced CAD techniques, our programs, guided by industry experts, equip you for the demands of today's dynamic world.

Immerse yourself in practical hands-on learning and gain valuable insights that bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. Elevate your skill set and open new possibilities for career growth with our comprehensive and forward-thinking training programs.

IT courses for Cardiff steel employees

Learn how to effectively analyse and visualise data, create formulas and functions, and streamline processes with our comprehensive course.

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Professional development for laid-off steel workers

Learn how to maximise productivity and streamline work processes with the latest Microsoft Office 365 tools in our comprehensive course.

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CAD training for unemployed steel workers

Learn how to efficiently store, organise, and access your files in the cloud with our training course.

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Job transition support for steel industry workers

Learn to efficiently manage your email, calendar, and tasks with our comprehensive Microsoft Outlook course.

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Microsoft PowerBI Course Cardiff

Learn how to turn data into insights and visuals with our comprehensive Microsoft PowerBI course.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Course Cardiff

Learn the latest and most efficient presentation techniques using Microsoft PowerPoint in our comprehensive course.

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Microsoft Project Course Cardiff

Accelerate your project management skills and increase productivity with our comprehensive Microsoft Project course.

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Microsoft SharePoint Course Cardiff

Learn how to efficiently manage projects, collaborate with team members, and streamline business processes.

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Microsoft Word Course Cardiff

Learn how to master Microsoft Word and elevate your productivity and document creation skills through our comprehensive training course.

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Unlock Your Potential with Infinity IT Learning: Why Choose ReAct+ Training

At Infinity IT Learning, we're dedicated to providing unparalleled professional development opportunities specifically for steel workers. Our extensive network of enduring business partnerships across the UK ensures that steel workers gain IT knowledge that profoundly impacts their careers, helping them transition smoothly into new roles and industries.

Infinity IT Learning Wales ReAct+ for steel workers

Expert Instructors for Real-World Insight

Benefit from our instructors at Infinity IT Learning, each equipped with years of industry experience in both national and international settings. Their wealth of experience in industry, commerce, and overseas work ensures that steel workers receive cutting-edge training in advanced IT and professional development subjects.

IT skills for former steel industry employees

Accelerated Learning through Personalised Attention

Explore the advantages of one-to-one learning with our training courses at Infinity IT Learning Wales. This personalised approach is highly effective, especially for technical and advanced training sessions, accelerating the learning process. It is particularly beneficial for new or inexperienced steel workers seeking tailored support.

Career opportunities after redundancy in steel sector

Tailored to Your Training Needs

Infinity IT Learning Wales goes beyond standard training by offering customised content. If you have specific topics or requirements, we collaborate with you to develop materials that ensure what you learn is directly relevant to your current circumstances. This tailored approach guarantees a training experience that meets your unique professional needs. Apply for ReAct+ training with Infinity IT Learning Wales to embark on a journey of customised, effective, and impactful learning.

Funded Training Cardiff

Unlock Opportunities: ReAct+ Funded Training with Infinity IT Learning Wales

Elevate your skills through ReAct+ funded training with Infinity IT Learning, offering tailored programs designed for the professional growth of steel workers. Access comprehensive support, including computers, projectors, and screens, even if your site is not initially equipped for IT training. Benefit from flexible in-house training aligned with your unique needs, ensuring effective time utilization to accommodate your work schedule.